Help yourself down, you’re lost and away
You’re lost and away, my friend
Let yourself go, you’re broke but not bitter
It’s hard ‘cause you’ve missed all amends

Ghosts in the heartland, just echoes of old
And the lies that you told through and through
Now you say you’re not weary, it’s hard not to bury
The things you thought that you knew;
They carry on

Save yourself now, you’re more than a minute of time,
Don’t spend it alone
The sea that your sailing has dried now,
The dream there has died now, the words they have flown
Pick up your heart, it’s no time to mourn,
The lines that have torn can be sewn
Echoes of old of those ghosts in the heartland
Ghosts in the heartland of stone
They carry on

Heed no motion, let your ghosts run
Weary, lonesome
Sleep now, rest

We'll rise and carry on