Never Be Satisfied

Lyrics by Zach Hamer & Miranda Zickler

I thought my love would be enough
I thought I knew how to be tough
But you quickly called my bluff
Now I walk with a shuffle
All the words seem to be muffled 
And I got myself into trouble
Well, I'll stand by your side
But you're never gonna be satisfied

So, I'm feelin' now that I may never win
Nobody can tell me exactly where I've been

My lady she's got a lot of pain
Her heart has been permanently stained
And she dances like an animal untamed
And she goes by a hundred changing names
All different, but some sound the same
And she smells like a freshly fallen rain

Oh, you know how she hates it when I've lied
But she's never gonna be satisfied

Darling, I've been falling asleep 
In our bed with the secrets you keep
Darling, I've been waking up to
The sounds of our empty room, oh

So, I may never win
Oh, forgive my heart, my secrets, and my sins