Running Up the Coast

Lyrics by Zach Hamer

I've been on this road for days now, running up the coast
Looking for the long-lost son, the tipping point, the Holy Ghost,
Traitors now I find, to all I've left behind

I've been asking for forgiveness, exposing all the things I feared,
Tripping down your street and dreaming 'bout the softly-sheared diamonds in your ears
And all those lost years

But I'm just one man with one heart
And one chance to restart
You've got two hands and you're too smart
To let this fall apart
It seems too late to leave now
To let go, to recount
So let's raise a glass to the broken-hearted
To the lost love, to the soon-departed

I've been hanging on too tight and you've been letting go
We've been getting on alright, but waiting for the snow,
Why won't it snow on our poor home
And freeze this crooked throne

It's been etched into our hands
Though our love may come and go
I've been writing all this down, so someday I might know
I might know what went wrong when we hear this song

I remember cold chills and apartment scenes
Hotel windows and never wearing jeans
I recall candlelight and blues all night
Broken hearts, holding tight
We used to speak on ancient telephones
Rearrange long-placed stepping stones
So we can roll like thunder, and have no fear
And want now other than this life here

I need your hands, I need your heart, don't let this love fall apart
I need you near, I need your heart, let's shine a light into the dark