"Even those who don’t read this will be drawn to the sound of Rabbit Wilde’s Americana Stringband thanks mostly to the seraphic vocals of string player Miranda Zickler. Her voice, bookended by the Hamer brothers on uke and [guitar], plus cello will have you giddy and glad to be alive."
-The Stranger, The Lowdown on Summer Meltdown 2014
by Sean Jewell




"Rabbit Wilde captures the wind, the streams and the mountain air in their songs. Their beautiful vocal harmonies take you down a well-beaten path in the wilderness accompanied by rhythm and melodies from the classic Americana folk instrument family...This quartet of incredible musicians have lassoed the Northwest spirit and infused it into their own brand of storytelling lyrics and deep and passionate hearts for the land they grew up in."
-The Hype



If you like dancing, forest landscapes, adventures, Colorado, the PNW, harmonious vocals, love stories, early mornings, late nights, local produce, or strong coffee, you will love Rabbit Wilde...This is art and entertainment in a beautiful form.  The entire album is just flawless and I want everyone to enjoy it.
-Ear To The Ground Music, Album Review by Kate Bee




"Rabbit Wilde pumps up banjo, harmonica and cello with thumping percussion, conjuring a revival meeting crossed with a hoedown. “Daughter of the Sun,” with bowed cello, is a sweet love song and “Summer Hotel” has a Lumineers thrum."
-Seattle Times, Album Review by Paul de Barros

"There are lots of Fleet Foxes-esque harmonies in every track, with a great backbeat and solid lyrics. There’s also some really stellar, understated cello playing combined with the rest of the acoustic strings (mandolin, banjo, guitar) and sometimes accordion. This music is easy to listen to and easy to love."
--WRFL Music, Southern Winters EP Review


"Northwestern heroes Rabbit Wilde have been steadily gaining momentum since the release of their self-titled's so hard to capture the intensity of the crowd dancing and singing along, and the pure energy that radiates off of the band when they perform together."
---What's Up! Magazine, Live Review by Sarah Bryant



"Zickler cites African choral singing, Regina Spektor melodies, and the songwriting of The Decemberists as inspiration. Zach names Bob Dylan and Hank Williams as influences, while Nathan's influences range from Beirut to Leadbelly. All cite Paul Simon as hugely influential."
--What's Up! Magazine March 2014 Feature by Kirsten O'Brien

Voted Best Band in Bellingham 2013-2015
— Cascadia Weekly

"Folk-stomp Americana for fans of bands like The Lumineers and Mumford & Sons"
Band of The Day, November 1st, 2013


" adorable group of able mouthed harmonizers and pretty pickers. They will get you moving on the dance floor as well as keeping the positive energy alive into the night."
-Green Frog Acoustic Tavern


"...when you listen to their songs you can picture rolling down a winding road with misty mountains and majestic evergreens slowly passing by the window. With such strong and evocative songs in hand, Rabbit Wilde have become a local phenomenon in the folk music scene..."
---The B-side Music Blog, The Rabbits' Rapid Rise by Garrett Hendrick


"Every once in a while you find a band that makes you feel inspired and reminds you why you loved music to begin with. They can make you laugh, make you dance, make you cry, and make you sing.  These kinds of bands are rare and when they make a record, you wait for it with an anxious ear and a hopeful heart. That is how many have felt about Rabbit Wilde since the first day they became a part of the Bellingham music scene. When they announced that they were recording their debut full length album at the legendary Bear Creek Studio, a fuse of excitement was lit. And now, The Wild North is here and bursts out like a prophetic voice in the wilderness."
-What's Up! MagazineAlbum Review by Garrett Hendricks

"There's an infectious joy to their music, certainly helped by the liberal use of ukulele and tambourine, but also by the sunny vocals of singer Miranda Zickler."
---No Depression, Hearth Music Guide to Folklife 2013


With authentic and honest vocals, the group is able to take a genre and make it their own.
--The Sign Post, Southern Winters EP Review


"This is a band that is sure to soar the winds of notoriety, be it at a local or national (dare I say global?) level. No matter your taste in music, Wild Rabbit’s infectious tunes will soak your skin and you’ll be stamping your boots (or whatever shoes you happen to be wearing) before the first song has dissipated into the air.", Meet Me At The Flea Market by Liberty Miller