The Flood

Lyrics by Miranda Zickler and Nathan Hamer

I was washed in the river
I was born the daughter of a sinner
But our eyes are clear, and our limbs have grown
Feel it beating in your bones

Roll, roll along
Roll over me
Turn our sails towards the sea
And find it warm in our blood
Following me, till we're swept out to sea along the flood

(Now and forever is gone
Salt water is rushing my veins along
Forever is gone)

Darling, I've been sinking to
The bottom of the ocean, through
The eyes and wiser cries of all you do
And the water is rushing around

I'll decide the stroke of arms
The hearts and heels we bring to harm
And you can take the tide and run it through
(As it pulls and it's falling down)

We are the ones lost in the flood
(Now and forever is gone, salt water is rushin' my veins feel heavy along
And now I'm a weary a weight full of nothin' keeps draggin me down I am gone)
Turn our sails towards and sea and find it warm
(And nothing is ever atoned, a river, a flood, it keeps crushing my bones and I wander)
In our blood, follow and wander