What's Left

Lyrics by Zach & Nathan Hamer

Gatherin' up the wood, gonna burn it when it gets cold
You got more life than I ever had, but you ain't got no soul
You bring the whiskey for the midnight stroll
I'll bring the candle, tell the wind not to blow

I met a girl, said she was from Kalamazoo
Listened to her talk, she was just passing through
She fled back home under the calico moon
I rode away on her satin balloon

My mama told me, son, you'll never get away
From the life you choose to follow through
So I set off one day, and found myself a pair of shoes
That I could wear with haste, the broken bones of yesteryear
Could hardly leave a taste

That cracked up, grained up, misty mouth cup broke across my plate
And left me bleedin' in and out, and so I questioned fate
Give good, my dear, to you and yours and all your fellow kin
So when you're down on your luck, your gold won't turn to tin

I've gotten bitter, now we're just friends
We'll see who's right when we both come to the end
Don't you give me no sorrow, don't you give me no tears
My words always fell on your deaf ears

It's hard to tell when that flame will reappear 
It's hard to look at myself in the mirror
You can't be bothered, no, you cannot be taught
You can't be moved, but you know you won't be forgot

I give up, my hands are by my side
I've waited long enough for you to swallow up your pride
That barb-edged, trim-hedged fence that you keep locked around your bride
Has broken down and rusted and ain't tall enough to hide
What's left beyond this wicked world when nothing seems that bad
And really all your problems were just made and never had