What's Up! Magazine Live Review 9/1/13

by Sarah Bryant

"Northwestern heroes Br'er Rabbit have been steadily gaining momentum since the release of their self-titled EP last November. They have been consistently touring since the release, including a trek to Illinois to record a Daytrotter session at the end of July (a huge accomplishment for the band that many of their cited influences like Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers have achieved). The band prefaced their Thursday night show with a Facebook post encouraging people to come out to the show because they had an exciting announcement to make. Considering the fact that three of the four songs they played for their Daytrotter session were new, this reviewer had a pretty good idea what the announcement was.

By the time that Br'er Rabbit took the stage, the tables and dance floor were packed, and the crowd was getting antsy. The band immediately started and powered through a set of their fun, undeniably catchy Americana/stomp/folk, each note commanding everyone witnessing to move their feet. Fan favorites from their EP like "Roller," What's Left," and "I'm Ok" brought the house down, with electrifying renditions of each song, proving the band's live performance is miles beyond the recorded versions and that the band's potential to do great things is infinitely high. The harmonies were spot on, the fervor of the band and the crowd feeding off of each other, and their favorite activity, stomping, was ever present. The band even slipped a few of their new songs into the setlist, a move most fans loathe but instead worked to the band's advantage, exciting the crowd of things to come. 

Much to the concertgoers' delight, towards the end of their set the exciting news they had hinted at was revealed: Br'er will start recording their debut full-length album in January and that they will be starting a Kickstarter campaign so the fans can help fund the record. Mass cheering ensued, and the band kicked into their encore, pushing themselves to outdo the rest of the set, which they did. There's a lot to be said about bands and artists who are better live, because it's so hard to capture the intensity of the crowd dancing and singing along, and the pure energy that radiates off of the band when they perform together. Here's to hoping the full extent of Br'er Rabbit's potential can be capture on their upcoming record, because after that Thursday night, it appeared to be boundless."